Destination: Tabriz – Ardabil – Masouleh - Tehran

Duration: 7 Days

Type: Cultural

Day 1: Tabriz          You will visit Tabriz and visit the exotic Grand Bazaar with an interesting array of ethnic crafts on sale. Then explore the impressive Tomb of Shahriar, the most famous Persian and Azeri poet. You will also be able to visit  See the exquisite Jameh Mosque and Kabood Mosque and explore the interesting collections of the Azerbaijan Museum and Qajar Museum.  

Day 2: Tabriz/Kandovan          Visit Kandovan volcanic village. After passing the city of Oskoo and beautiful mountainous scenery we will reach this marvelous village. The special architecture of Kandovan is the reason for its universal reputation. Its dwellers carved the rocks of mountains and settled their lives there. The archeologists have estimated the antiquity of this village to 3000 years ago. 

Day 3: Tabriz          Take a trip to the historic border city of Jolfa which is located near the Aras River. Jolfa is the stronghold of the Armenian Christians who possess a rich and unique culture of their own. You will visit Church of Saint Stephanos (registered as world heritage) there. The church of Saint Stephanus is among a handful of magnificent churches that were built between the tenth and twelfth centuries AD. The church's architectural style is a mixture of Urartan, Parthian, Greek, and Roman styles. Then you would exploreShepherd Chapel , and Khajeh Nazar Caravansarai.

Day 4: Ardabil          Drive to Ardabil. Get acquainted with the historic and picturesque tomb of the Sufi master named Shei Safi Ardabili Ensemble (registered as world heritage) then Anthropology Museum, and Shorabel Lake. On the way, on the slopes of the second highest mountain of Iran Sabalan Near Ardabil (25 KM) is the city of Sarein which is well-known for its spas. There you can enjoy the remedial benefits of the spas.  

Day 5: Masouleh          Enjoy the scenic driving alongside the Caspian Sea and drive to Masuleh stepped village which its architecture is unique. The buildings have been built into the mountain and are interconnected. Courtyards and roofs both serve as pedestrian areas similar to streets. Masuleh does not allow any motor vehicles to enter, due to its unique layout. It is the only village in Iran with such a prohibition. However, the small streets and many stairs simply also wouldn't make it possible for vehicles to enter. This makes the town wonderful to explore on foot and gives the opportunity to meet and enjoy the hospitality that Iran is renowned for. 

Day 6: Masouleh          Drive to Roodkhan castle in Fooman about 30 Km from Masooleh, climb through the dense forest of Roodkhan mountain and see this Seljuk 1000-year-old castle. 

Day 7: Tehran          Drive to Tehran. Departure at night.

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