Clothing Guidelines for Tourists

For Women

In Iran, all women, including tourists, are required by law to abide by the guidelines listed below for dress while in public. Should a tourist forget to abide by these guidelines, she need not fear; she will likely be kindly reminded by a local to do so.

1. Long shirts or tunics to mid-thigh with long sleeves

2. Long pants, jeans, or skirts that completely cover the legs

3. Scarf or hat for covering the hair (it is not necessary to cover the neck)

For Men

1. Long pants or jeans

2. Shirts with sleeves, short or long (no sleeveless shirts)


1. Any variety of colors may be worn.

2. While on mountain and nature tours, it is advised to wear comfortable clothes with light colors.

3. To see some examples of acceptable types of clothing for women, refer to the section on this website entitled, “Iran Hospitality.”

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