Apply For Iran Visa through Iran Traveling Center:

Welcome to Iran visa application page, we are an official tour agency with authority to apply for Iran visa. Use this page to learn about the visa application process, understand current requirements, and get informed on very important details. Please take a minute to review this page and do not hesitate to get back to us with any question that you might have.

Iran Visa Quick Information:

In order to travel to Iran you require an Iran visa. For tourist purposes there are 2 types of Iran visa that you can consider:

  • Iran tourist visa
  • Upon arrival Iran visa

We would advise you to apply for a tourist visa. Very briefly said, the tourist Iran visa procedure has 4 steps:

  1. You provide us with your information by filling up the form below.
  2. We apply for your visa through Iran ministry of foreign affairs.
  3. Within 3-14 days we send your visa authorization number.
  4. Within 25 days at anIranian embassy or consulateyou can receive your visa. You can apply for a 30 days Iran visa initially.

Why not to Consider Visa upon Arrival for Iran?

This visa which is granted in 5 International airports upon arrival may seem like the easiest way to receive Iran visa but for the following reasons our incoming staff with years of experience strongly unqualified this type of visa. Below are the most important reasons for you not to consider visa on entry for Iran:

  • A 5 % possibility of visa rejection always exists.
  • Your airline may not let you board the plane without a visa.
  • The duration is not as long as the tourist visa, up to 14 days.
  • Most likely you will have to stay long hours in the airport for receiving this Iran visa.

If you are considering this type of Iran visa because of the inconvenience of picking up the visa form the embassy or consulate, we can arrange for you to collect your visa at your arriving airport. This way you apply for the tourist visa and once you arrive in Iran you are in complete assurance, which is what we strongly recommend. You can start applying by filling the form below.

Iran Tourist Visa in Details:

Iran tourist visa is issued for almost all nationalities. All who are interested in traveling to Iran as groups or individuals can apply for this visa. This visa is also best for family visitation purposes.  The duration of this visa can vary from 14 to 30 days based on application. You can apply for a maximum 90 days extension easily in major cities once in Iran.

We at Iran Visa section of Iran Traveling Center travel agency apply for your Iran tourist visa but the clearance is done through Iran ministry of foreign affairs and we cannot influence or change their decisions.

Picking Up Your Iran Visa:

We will send your Visa authorization number after it is issued in Iran foreign ministry. Your visa authorization number is a 6 or 7 digit number that refers to your specific visa application case. This code is valid for 25 days in theIran embassy or consulatethat you have chosen to pick up your visa at. You can also post your passport. Please choose your pick up location accurately since a change in location in usually not possible. Pick up policy, waiting time, and many other factors vary in different embassies and consulate.  Some embassies do not oblige applicant to pick up in person other do.  Be sure to contact the embassies and consulate beforehand. The visa fee which is apart from our service fee varies based on nationality. Some embassies may issue the visa within 1-2 hours but others may keep your passport for up to a week. Depending on your nationality and pick up choices the regulations are different so it is very important for you to be correctly informed. The procedures can be handled hassle free if you are provided with the correct information and have scheduled for the steps.

If you have trouble arranging your pick up and no time for postal arrangements we arrange for you to pick it up in your arrival port in Iran. Be sure to contact us before planning based on this fact. For any inquiries contact us.

Iran Tourist Visa for U.S., Canadian and British Citizens:

The clearance process for these nationalities may take longer than 14 days. We would advise you to consider receiving your Authorization number between 30-45 days after application when planning for your trip to Iran.

U.S., Canadian, and British Citizens are obliged to have Iranian authorized tour guides accompanying them all throughout their trip.

Iran Visa Application Precaution:

There are many sites now that allow you to apply for Iran visa through their web site but not all these site have the authorization. Time after time we have emails from the applicant that have been conned by other sites. Please be sure to check the authenticity of the web site before making any kind of payment.

Iran Visa Fee:

For receiving your Iran visa you will have to pay the embassy fee and Iran travel agency service fee.
The embassy fee is based on your nationality also on the embassy you will receive your visa from. Some embassies may charge for their services which is also due to change at any time. There for the best way of being informed of the exact embassy visa fee is contacting the embassy close to when you need it.

Visit Iran visa service fees per passport is 60 USD, this is apart from the visa fee which will be collected when your visa is stamped in your passport. We will arrange the method of payment with you after you have applied. This fee is subject to discount if you apply for further travel services. If you choose one of our tour packages, your visa fee will be processed free of our service charge. Our tour packages are either tailored to your choices or popular predetermined packages.


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